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Fundamentals in Applied Agronomy

Program Update:

ICCA Joins Field to Market

ICCA joins Field to Market in their sustainable agriculture efforts. Read more here:

New ASA Webinar

UAV Platforms: Are They Ready?

(March 4, 2015) This is the last webinar in the 4-part, ASA series entitled Precision Agriculture Update: Variable Rate Technologies. This webinar will address what sensors are needed for these uses, what sensors are currently being used in the field, and are the sensors really ready for the field? Does the data exist to interpret the results of the technology? Should CCAs recommend using UAVs, and if so, with what caveats?

CCA of the Year

Who Should be CCA of the Year?

Nominate one of our best and brightest for the 2015 CCA of the Year! Nominations initiated by March 31 Final Submission by April 7

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New ICCA & ASA Joint Communities ⇒ Join Today

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The International Certified Crop Adviser (ICCA) program and The American Society of Agronomy (ASA) have formed communities related to our Rapid Response Teams (RRT) to better address issues that arise related to production agriculture and identify educational needs. These will be collaborative communities incorporating the expertise of both CCAs and ASA members and both groups are being asked to get involved with the community that best meets their interests and strengths.  The communities will cover the four competencies areas in which Certified Crop Advisers are required to continue their education: Soil & Water Management, Nutrient Management, Integrated Pest Management, and Crop Management.

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