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CCA Board Minutes


9/18-20 North American (ICCA) Board Meeting - Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Agenda (PDF)

2017 ICCA Budget--July (PDF)

2018 ICCA Budget (PDF)

Ethics Discussion (PDF)


NA Board Minutes - Both Days (PDF)

Program Update and The Nature Conservancy (PDF)

Marketing and Promotions Update (PDF)


Policy Update (PDF)

Exam and Procedures Update (PDF)

US EPA Update (PDF)

NW and WA Pesticide License Update (PDF)

Past/Future of Conservation (PDF)

Effective Communication Strategies (PDF)

GreenField Scholars (PDF)


9/19-21 North American (ICCA) Board Meeting - St Louis, MO

Agenda (PDF)

2016 ICCA Strategic Plan with updates (PDF)

2017 ICCA Budget 

2016 ICCA Budget--June

Proposed Board Meeting Motions (PDF)

CCA Appeal Form Draft (PDF)

CCA Code of Ethics Draft (PDF)

ASA ICCA Complaint Investigation Procedures (PDF)


NA Board Minutes - Monday (PDF)

The Nature Conservancy Presentation (PDF)

Exam and Procedures Update (PDF)

Marketing Update (PDF)

EPA Update (PDF)

Soil Health Partnership Presentation (PDF)

NA Board Minutes - Tuesday (PDF)

Policy Update (PDF)

Saskatoon, SK 2017 Meeting (PDF)

CEU Update (PDF)

ICCA Program Overview (PDF)

Strategic Plan 2017-2019 (PDF)


9/14-15 North American (ICCA) Board Meeting - Kansas City, MO

Agenda (PDF)

Budget ICCA 2016 Projections (PDF)

Budget as of June 30, 2015 (PDF)


NA Board Minutes - Monday (PDF)

Strategic Planning (PDF)

ICCA Program Update (PDF)

Ontario CCA Partnerships (PDF)

4R Nutrient Stewardship (PDF)

Policy Update (PDF)

NA Board Minutes - Tuesday (PDF)

Exam Procedures Update (PDF)

Marketing Update (PDF)

NRCS Update(PDF)


9/16-17 North American (ICCA) Board Meeting - Sacramento, CA

Agenda (PDF)

Budget ICCA 2015 Projections (PDF)

Budget as of June 30, 2014(PDF)

CEU Requirements Recommendations(PDF)

Exam Report from Dawn Gibas (PDF)

ICCA Strategic Plan 3rd Quarter (PDF)

ICCA Strategic Plan 2014-2016 (PDF)

Specialty Cert - 4R NM (PDF)

Specialty Cert - Cover Crops (PDF)

Specialty Cert - Sustainability (PDF)

Specialty Cert - 4R Performance Objective Draft (PDF)

Specialty Cert - 4R Performance Objective Comparrison (PDF)

CEUs 2013 by Board (Excel)

CEU Comparrison (Excel)

CEU Drop/Pass Info (Excel)

CEU Category Breakdowns by Year (Excel)

2014 CEU Survey CCAs (PDF)

2014 CEU Survey CPAgs (PDF)

CEU Current Requirements for CCA and CPAg (PDF)


NA Board Meetings - Tuesday (PDF)

ICCA Program Update (PDF)

Exam and Procedures (PDF)

CEU Taskforce (PDF)

Marketing and Promotions (PDF)

IPM Presentation (PDF)

Field to Market (PDF)

Soil Renaissance (PDF)


NA Board Minutes - Wednesday (PDF)

Specialty Certifications (PDF)

4R Certification (PDF)

Policy Update (PDF)

USDA Update (PDF)

EPA Update (PDF)


11/3 CCA International Council Meeting – Tampa, FL


ICCA Council Minutes(PDF)

ICCA Financials(PDF)

ICCA India Financials(PDF)

IDP Addendum A(PDF)

IDP Addendum B(PDF)

IDP Addendum C(PDF)

India Program Powerpoint(PDF)

International Development Plan Draft(PDF)

Mexico Program Powerpoint(PDF)

Tecnova Report India(PDF)

Canadian CCA Report(PDF)

9/17-18 North American (ICCA) Board Meeting - Rake, IA


2014 ICCA Financials(PDF)

CCA Structure under ASA(PDF)

Crops and Soils Readership Survey Results(PDF)

Cross Tab Q4 and Q5(PDF)

Final 2013 CCA Survey Report April 2013(PDF)

How to Review the CCA Survey Data(PDF)

State Listing of Importance and Satisfaction (XLS)


NA Board Minutes - Tuesday(PDF)

ICCA Program Update(PDF)

International Update and Voting(PDF)

Greenfield Scholars(PDF)

Promotions and Communications Progress Report(PDF)

Canada Board Minutes - Tuesday

EPA Update(PDF)

AgClimate Tools Handout(PDF)

ISU Handout(PDF)

Crops and Soils Survey Results(PDF)

NA Board Mintues - Wednesday(PDF)

Exam & Procedure Update(PDF)

Policy Update(PDF)

2014 NA Board Meeting Information(PDF)


10/21 CCA International Council Meeting – Cincinnati, OH 


Meeting Minutes(PDF)

4R Review Committee Notes(PDF)

Argentina ICCA Program Status(PDF)

CCA International Council(PDF)

Current Certification Statistics(PDF)

Mexico ICCA Program Status(PDF)

New ICCA Structure(PDF)


9/17-18 North American (ICCA) Board Meeting – Boise, ID

2012 ICCA Financials(PDF)

2013 ICCA Financial Projections(PDF)

Certification Statistics(PDF)

Local Exam Review(PDF)

Exam Committee Motion(PDF)

ANSI ISO Task Force Recommendations(PDF)

ICCA Marketing Plan Phase 2(PDF)

4R Specialty Certification Proposal(PDF)

Course for 4R Specialty Certification(PDF)



NA Board Minutes - Monday(PDF)

Marketing the CCA Program(PDF)

ICCA Program Update(PDF)

Exam & Procedures Update(PDF)

Science Policy Update(PDF)

              *Any Science Policy questions can be directed to Karl Anderson

Promotion and Communications Update(PDF)

CCA Program Turns 20!(PDF)


NA Board Minutes - Tuesday(PDF)

Public/Private Collaboration Opportunities(PDF)

TFI 4R Nutrient Stewardship(PDF)

EPA Update(PDF)



9/20-21 ICCA Board Meeting – Charleston, SC

Agenda (PDF)

CPAg CEU Requirements (PDF)

ICCA Farm Bill Forecast (PDF)

2011 ICCA Financials (PDF)

2012 ICCA Financial Projections(PDF)

2010 CEU Non-Compliance by Board (PDF)

Bruce Erickson Press Release(PDF)



Recording of Meeting - 09/20

ICCA Board Meeting Minutes - Tuesday (PDF)

ICCA Update (PDF)

ICCA New Structure (PDF)

India CCA Program Update (PDF)

Budget and Investment Update (PDF)

ANSI Certification (PDF)

Exam & Procedures Update (PDF)

CPAg Specialty Area (PDF)

ICCA Operations Update(PDF)


Recording of Meeting - 09/21

 ICCA Board Meeting Minutes - Wednesday (PDF)

Promotions Committee Presentation (PDF)

WOW Marketing Presentation (PDF)

Science Policy/GPS Update (PDF)

Farm Bill Update (PDF)

ASA Update (PDF)

IPM Specialty Certification Presentation (PDF)

EPA Update (PDF)


Materials from Feb. 23, 2011 Board Meeting and Motion Results (Webinar) 

Recording of Meeting

CPAg Specialty Area (PDF)

Proposal ICCA Marketing Communications (PDF)

Proposal New ICCA Structure (PDF)

Motion Results (PDF)



8/3-4 ICCA Board Meeting – Spokane, WA


ICCA Board Meeting Minutes – Tuesday (PDF)

ICCA Board Meeting Minutes—Wednesday (PDF)


06/24 - Video

EPA Links


02/24 - Video



10/19-20 ICCA Board Meeting - Kansas City, MO



ICCA Board Meeting Minutes - Monday (PDF)


ICCA Board Meeting Minutes - Tuesday (PDF)

07/14 - Video | Presentation (PPTX)