Exam Study Materials

ASA and the CCA program do not produce nor endorse these study materials.

  • 4R NMS Specialty Certification  - 4Rs Nutrient Management - In and Out of Seasion Webinar Series

    This series can be used to prepare for the 4R NMS Specialty Certification Exam. The performance objectives for the exam may be found here.

    The CCA is expected to have background knowledge of the Performance Objectives (POs) in the Nutrient Management Competency Areas used in preparation for the ICCA Exam. These POs address soil testing and plant tissue analysis, nutrient sources, nutrient placing and timing, and nutrient management planning. To some degree, the 4Rs are reflected in each of these areas. The POs for the 4R Nutrient Management Specialist go beyond the basics to integrate the knowledge in developing plans that meet the 4R goals as well as comply with appropriate state and national regulations, as appropriate.

  • Online CCA Exam Preparation Courses - Fundamentals in Applied Agronomy
    This online self-paced course allows you to select individual topics and learn at your own pace, in preparation for the Certified Crop Adviser Exams. Just purchase and watch when it is convenient for you under the ASA Self-Paced Learning Webinar Series Bundles section.

  • California CCA Exam Study Guide

  • Colorado CCA Exam Study Guide The Colorado CCA Exam study guide contains a hyperlinked performance objective document that is broken up by section of the exam and supporting PDF factsheets. The factsheets will help the individuals study materials that may be on the exam. It is designed so that a wide range of performance objectives are covered although not all specific objectives may be contained on any one test. Factsheets may cover materials that could pertain to one or more sections of a test.

  • Preparing for the International CCA Exam by the International Plant Nutrition Institute

  • Iowa CCA Online Study Guide  Iowa State University Extension and Outreach offers an online review course to prepare individuals for the Iowa CCA exam.  The course includes presentations and practice exams on crop management, pest management, nutrient management, and soil and water management.

  • Michigan CCA Exam Study Guide Order Form (PDF)

  • Mid-Atlantic IPM Training  (DE, MD, NJ, VA, WV)

  • Modern Corn and Soybean Production  MCSP Publications. This publication covers all of the learning objectives for the CCA exam, plus it will be an excellent reference for you when your certification is complete. A special price is available for all CCA exam registrants. To get that price, call 1-866-803-6277.

  • Ontario CCA Exam Study Guide. The Ontario CCA Program office has study guides available to assist you in preparing for the Ontario exam. The Ontario CCA Study guide is updated annually to reflect changes in the Ontario exam Performance Objectives. The manual contains complete coverage of the Ontario Performance Objectives and includes 20 pages of color plates for insect and disease identification. 312 pages $80.00 Canadian To order or for more information contact Sarah Smith at 519-669-3350 or

  • Northeast CCA Exam Training Manual (CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT)

  • Northwest CCA Exam Study Guide (AK, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA, British Columbia)

  • Pennsylvania CCA Online Study Guide  In cooperation with Penn State University, the Pennsylvania CCA Program offers an online study guide.  The study guide is only available online.  This study guide includes updated scientific information, pictures, newest legislative changes, and interactive features such as dynamic graphics and practice exam questions.  A one-time fee of $25.00 applies to access this resource, which provides you with unlimited access until you pass your exam.  Please note, due to the need for manual approval of those purchasing the study guide access to the resource is not immediate.  Approvals will be granted in a timely manner; however, delay in access may occur.

  • Prairie Provinces Online Exam Preparation Course                (AB, MB, SK) - The University of Saskatchewan, Centre for Continuing and Distance Education

  • Resistance Management Specialty Certification Educational Resources (PDF)

    The resources listed in the PDF document can be used to prepare for the Resistance Management Specialty Exam. The performance objectives for the exam may be found here.

    The resources can be found on IPM and Resistance Management web sites or advanced college level course books and materials that put theory into practice.

  • Resistance Management Specialty Certification  - Pest Resistance Management Webinar Series
    Pest resistance (fungus, pathogen, insect, weeds) is a huge issue in agriculture. Companies spend millions on developing products to manage each of these pests, yet they continue to adapt to these new products over time. What can we learn about the pathways of resistance that can help us manage pests? This series is also meant as a review for the CCA resistance management specialty exam.

  • Resistance Management Webinar Series - UMass Cranberry Station Youtube Channel

    1.  Overview
    2.  Fungicide
    3.  Insecticides
    4.  Herbicides

  • Rocky Mountain Study Materials (PDF)

  • South Dakota CCA Study Guide (PDF)
  • Sustainability Specialty Certification - Launching Sustainability Webinar Series

    This series can be used to prepare for the Sustainability Specialty Certification Exam. The performance objectives for the exam may be found here.

    The United Soybean Board (USB) supported the development of this American Society of Agronomy webinar series and the Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) Sustainability Specialty certification (SSp).

    Now is the time for the rubber to meet the road. This series addresses the three new competency areas and twelve proficiency areas to inform and equip those Certified Crop Advisers interested in the new upcoming CCA Sustainability Specialty.

  • Tennessee CCA Study Materials (PDF)

  • Wisconsin CCA Study Materials -- A series of presentations by University of Wisconsin Extension state specialists.
    Soil science fundamentals for field crops (videos) 
    Field crop forage fundamentals (videos)
    Weed, insect, disease IPM for field crops (videos)