Frequently Asked Questions

What exams do I need to take and pass to become eligible for CCA certification?

To become eligible for the CCA certification, you must take and pass BOTH the International and your local (state/province/region) board exams.  *To become certified in the  Mid-Atlantic Region (DE, MD, NJ, VA, WV), you must also pass the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia Nutrient Management Exam.  For more information, please contact the correct agency.

What is the registration cancellation policy?

You may cancel at any time up to the registration deadline. Note that you will only receive a refund for any amount over $75.00. The exam fee is nonā€refundable after the registration deadline. This also applies to retest applications.  Exam fees will not be transferred to another exam date.  Please contact your certification representative with any questions.

How is my result determined?

The total number of correct answers as compared to a passing score determines whether you pass the exam.  The passing score reflects the difficulty of the exam as determined by subject matter experts in agronomy using statistical methodology consistent with psychometric practices and standards used for credentialing exams (see below for more detail).  We will only provide pass/fail results on our exams.

How are passing scores determined?

The actual passing score is determined by a criterion-referenced procedure called the Modified Angoff Technique. In brief, a selected group of subject matter experts in the agronomy field review the exam questions and evaluate them according to how successful a group of minimally competent candidates would be in answering each question on the exam, which then determines a minimum passing score for a particular exam.

When will my results be available?

You will receive an email approximately six weeks after the exam date when official exam results are released with a specific password protected URL to log into for checking your exam results.   Please whitelist or note as a safe sender the email on your email account as this is the email we use to send email notifications to you.  Exam results will only be available to check for 30 days once released.

If I call ASA, will they tell me my results over the phone?

No. Exam results are confidential and notification will be sent by email to the original registrant's email address. The notification will include a specific link that requires the registrant to use their password to access their exam results. We cannot disclose pass/fail status via fax or phone to anyone.

Will ASA send my results to a different address, email, or to anyone else?

Exam results are confidential and only released to the candidate.

If I need to retake the exam, how soon may I register?

Online registration starts 4 months prior to the exam date and you must be registered by the deadline. Notification of the online exam registration opening will automatically be emailed to those who need to retake an exam. Exam registration materials are also available by contacting ASA at 608-273-8085, Fax: 608-273-2081, email:, mail: ASA/CCA, 5585 Guilford Road, Madison, WI 53711-5801 or you can register online at

How long do I have to pass both exams? 

As of 2017 both exams must be passed within 5 years.   If you pass one exam and not the other you will have 5 years to continue to try to pass the failed exam.  This time limit begins with the first testing date of the first exam that was passed.

Once I pass both exams, how much crop advising experience do I need to become certified?

  • A minimum of 4 years of crop advising experience with no degree in agriculture.
  • A minimum of 3 years of crop advising experience with an associates degree in agriculture or certificate.
  • A minimum of 2 years of crop advising experience with a BS degree in agriculture.
  • Note: Experience can be gained after exams have been passed.
  • Note: Farming may count up to 1 year of the total work experience requirements.