CCA Exam Registration


Next ICCA Exam Date: February 03, 2017

Registration Period: October 03, 2016 - December 09, 2016

CCA Exam Registration will be online and open October 03, 2016.

To become certified in the  Mid-Atlantic Region (DE, MD, NJ, VA, WV), you must also pass the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia Nutrient Management Exam.  For more information, please contact the correct agency.

All local boards will be holding exams on February 3, 2017.

Please contact your certification representative if you have any questions.

  • Please read the registration instructions below for the CCA Exams, CCA 4R NMS Exam, CCA Resistance Management Exam, CCA Sustainability Exam or the California Manure Management Exam before registering.
  • Please keep in mind--to become eligible for the CCA certification, you must take and pass BOTH the International and your local (state/province/region) board exams.
  • You must be 18 years old in order to register for the CCA Exams. 
  • Only one CCA specialty exam (4R NMS, Resistance Management and Sustainability) may be taken each exam date.
  • Individuals with disabilities, please notify the Certification Department at (866)359-9161 or within three weeks of exam date.
  • Please whitelist or note as a safe sender the email  on your email account as this is the email we use to send email notifications to you.
  • CANCELLATION:  You may cancel at any time up to the registration deadline.  Note that you will only receive a refund for any amount over $75.00.  The exam fee is nonā€refundable after the registration deadline. This also applies to retest applications.  Exam fees will not be transferred to another exam date.  Please contact your certification representative with any questions.


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Only one CCA specialty exam (4R NMS, Resistance Management and Sustainability) may be taken each exam date.

If you have questions, please contact your certification representative.